Poolside Brights

The pool is a great place to show off your brights and florals. It doesn’t hurt that my favorite Sunday pastime is hanging out by the pool. Put on a cute outfit, grab some drinks, a friend (in my case my hubby), and a book or some gossip mags — this is what I call relaxing.

As you see, you can take your style and trends you want to try out anywhere — even the pool! If there is a trend you are not sure that you love, or love on your body, try wearing it somewhere casual like to the pool. Ask your friend to snap some pics of you so you can get an unbiased, 3rd party, view of your outfit. Looking at yourself in the mirror doesn’t really provide you an honest view of your outfit.

This outfit says fun and relaxed to me.

About sumptuousstate

I am a 20 something wife, dog mommy and fashion lover. I want to give all my readers a fashion voice. I use fashion to say what I want to the world.
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